Tuesday, 19 February 2013

above me poems from swimming sports

Above me I can see the lovely clouds moving across the sky, they are so beautiful to look at.
Below me is the rocky bottom of the unpolluted water. Floating lifelessly in the water like a piece of seaweed.
In front of me I can see the big blue brick wall getting closer and closer. Feet kicking really strong and stern.
Behind me the water splashing around by my feet as other swimmers also try to win the race.
Beside me there are people bumping into me trying to win the race.

A compilation from room 2. Enjoy.


  1. Well done room 2. I like how you have used similes to create a clearer picture in the reader's mind and you have used some great language too! Ka pai!! I was so busy entering all the times of the swimmers I only snatched moments of the races on the actual day. You all did so brilliantly and I was impressed with everyone's great behaviour. It was a fabulous day!

    I wonder how you felt as you were racing along in the water?

    Mrs Prescott

  2. I forgot to add my next part of the comment. I wonder how you could publish these using the iPad?

    Mrs Prescott