Thursday, 7 February 2013

Did You Ever Poems By Room 2

Some amazing poems by our Room 2 students. Read and enjoy. Please feel free to make comments.

Did you ever?
Go on the Pirate Ship
At Rainbows End?
Heart flying
Hand trembling
Teeth chattering
Did you ever?
Go on the Gold rush
At Rainbows End?
Knees knocking
Hands gripping
Sweat dripping
Very fast
Did you ever?
Fly down the Log Flume
At Rainbows End?
Hair streaking
Lungs breaking
Head spinning
Try it
By Grace Li

Did you ever?
Go riding at Hampton downs
Heart pumping
Legs shacking
Feet sweating
Try it

Did you ever?
Go on
The banana boat
Eyes crying
Face dribbling
Its fun
By Adelaide

Did you ever
Go jumping off the Wharf
At Maraitai
Heart pumping
Sand squashing
Body swimming
Water shimmering
Try it

Did you ever
Go Boogie boarding
In Waihi
Waves coming
Boogie board moving
People smiling
Jellyfish squishing
I love it
By Breanne

Did you ever
Get lost in a maze
Knees clapping
Flag waving
Family yelling
Its okay

Did you ever
Float around in the lazy river
Family relaxing
 Friends splashing
Strangers swimming
Lifeguards rescuing
 You feel relaxed
By Caitlin


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