Thursday, 5 December 2013

Term 4 inquiry presentations

Hi everyone, in term 4 we had a "passion" project inquiry. The children would pick any topic that they had a passion for and investigate it.
Here are our pictures of the final presentations.

Monday, 4 November 2013

chocolate story

Hi Miss J here is my story.

<![if !vml]><![endif]>The chocolate war
Once upon a time there was an Easter bunny with a helpful sidekick called kit Kat and Willy Wonka as their enemy with his sidekick Tim Tam. There were two sides, the White chocolates and the Dark chocolates. They were fighting at Willy Wonka’s factory on Mars Willy Wonka yelled  “Dark chocolate is better than WhiteThe Easter bunny replied saying “Nah White chocolate is better”, They shot Maltesers and Jafas at each other throughout the hours, they were both shot with Oreo Frisbees by the umpa lumpas ‘ha we got you’ chuckled the umpa lumpas. ‘Tomorrow I’ll get you’ said Willy Wonka. The next day they woke up in their chocolate croissants and had a big bowl of choc biscuits for breakfast, the Easter bunny called Willy Wonka on his timeout phone, “Hi willy I still hate you but I forgot what we were fighting about” exclaimed the Easter bunny, “oh yeah I don’t know either, want to meet up for hot chocolates?” Asked Willy Wonka “sure” answered the Easter bunny. “Noooooo” Shouted the Umpa Lumpas, “we need revenge”. Afterwards The Easter Bunny and Willy arrived at the afghan cafĂ© “here is a rose” said the Easter bunny “thanks” grinned Willy Wonka. They each got a hot chocolate and lived happily ever after!
Adelaide, Bailey, Vera and Finn


We have been working on our (ibl) we picked native new Zealand birds. We got  our inspiration from Tiritiri Matangi island , Tiritiri Matangi is a predator free  island that look after native New Zealand birds. As soon as we got back we started researching our topics people worked in pairs and by our selves. Everybody picked different birds to do their presentation and research on.

Grandparents Day!!!

Today was Grandparents Day at school and we talked to them about are I.B.L, art and writing.

Blog photos

Here In room 2  we have been drawing birds with Mrs. Wallace. First we drew a picture of a bird such as a kiwi, Blue penguin, Pukeko, Takahe and Moreporks. Then we outlined it with vivid, after that we colored them in with pastels and crayons. We made foliage for our background and died our background.

By: Adelaide and Jack.C

andrews cards

On Friday room 2 went to their buddy class to make some cards for Andrew. We did it because Andrew is in hospital and has cancer. With our buddies we got a piece of coloured paper and folded it in half. We wrote a message for him and glued it inside. We then decorated a title and glued it on the front. We also drew pictures on the inide for decoration. They look fantastic and we can’t wait for Andrew to read them.
By Finn


Today we were doing some I.B.L at school, so Adelaide and Ruby, Emily and Tayla, Levi and Jaden, Aleisha and Grace and Sarah and Breanne were very focused.