Thursday, 9 May 2013

Study tips, visualisation

Hi everyone, I have these great study tips and just sometimes a great idea which I will share. Here is one on visualisation. Miss J


Many studies have proven the power of visualisation.
A Stanford University researcher took the 3 top basketball teams and asked them to throw basketballs from the free throw line. On average players scored 8 out of 10 successful baskets.
The teams then had a different task for the duration of the study.

Team one were asked to go to the courts each day and practice throwing balls into the hoop from the free throw line.
Team two were told not to go to the courts and not to practice.

Team three’s requirement for the study was to go to the courts each day and sit on the benches and visualise throwing balls into the hoop.

At the end of the study when players were asked to shoot 10 baskets - tea one averaged 8 out of 10, team two averaged  8 out of 10 and team three scored ten out of ten! Why? One reason is that each time they practised they were successful. That is every time they visualised practising they got the ball in. A 100% Success rate.

As part of your study see yourself sitting in the exam with lots of confience and relaxed. Image being in the exam an the answers flowing out the end of your pen. Imagine that you have already passed. What does it feel like? What would you say to yourself?

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