Sunday, 19 May 2013

Adelaide and Leon deaf lesson

On a sunny day room 2 had a deaf lady named Anne Wyrill come into our classroom to teach us NZSL.

We learnt the colors, alphabet and  OLD MCDONALD HAD A FARM. We played a game with colored  paper, it was loads of fun.First Anne would do a color in Sign Language and we would have to run to the color that she did, sadly we didn’t win.
We will now teach you how do the colours. First is blue - you rub your left hand on your right hand going around. Next is green - you slide your right hand up your left arm starting from your hand. Now is red - you rub your index finger down from your mouth to the bottom of your chin. Let’s go for yellow now - you put your thumb and index finger together and twist it just above your ear.

Ask use how. We can show you at home and teach you how to sign your name.
I would recommend Anne to teach other people, it was awesome and I can teach my family now that I know more about sign language.

By: Adelaide and Leon

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